KCR’s ‘Please Sit’ Plea vs Nitish’s ‘Sawal Kaahe?’: Over Next PM Plan; Bihar Bonhomie Became Dissent

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The video of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao pleading with his colleague in Bihar to “please sit down, please sit down” so that he may respond to inquiries from the media has gone viral. The BJP, which uploaded the video, attributed it to Nitish’s “self-conceited” personality and claimed that KCR “brought it upon himself.”

KCR made a quick tour of the Bihar state capital on Wednesday, meeting with prominent politicians while also calling for a “BJP mukt Bharat.” The news conference he had when Nitish Kumar and Deputy CM Tejashwi Prasad Yadav were by his side is shown in the viral video. KCR, also known as the chief minister of Telangana, honoured Loknayak Jayaprakash’s memory. In order to combat the BJP’s hegemony, Narayan’s Kranti (revolution) against tanashahi (dictatorship) stressed the importance of a cohesive opposition.

Though KCR tried to get the leader to sit down so he could address the media, it seemed that Nitish Kumar was keen to go throughout the sequence of questions. Even as Nitish retorted, “You don’t need to amuse them,” KCR pleaded with them to sit down.

Following the event, BJP’s Amit Malviya posted the video and questioned whether KCR had travelled to Patna specifically for such an insult. In a news conference, Nitish Kumar didn’t even give him the courtesy of allowing him to finish his thought. KCR begged Nitish to let him finish, but he refused. Then again, there is Nitish Kumar. conceited in oneself KCR requested it.

Nitish’s candidacy for PM has not received KCR’s support.

Rao, who started his day by distributing doles to the families of migrant workers murdered in a fire in Hyderabad and Bihar soldiers slain in the Galwan valley encounter with Chinese troops, didn’t hold back when criticising the Narendra Modi administration at the Centre. He said that rising prices, higher levels of debt, and the rupee’s fast decline were all signs that the economy was in a disaster.

The TRS leader, who is annoyed by the BJP’s aggressive entrance into his home state, also referred to Gujarat as a failure, citing the western state’s low human development indices and high rate of crimes against Dalits.

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KCR also appeared to be quite unhappy with the government’s strategy on privatisation, claiming it was similar to becho India in which even profitable public firms were being divested. The Telangana chief minister made fun of Modi’s “Make in India” campaign by pointing out that everyday products like nail clippers, razor blades, and even the national flag are imported from China. He attributed the country’s water issue, where rivers discharged 70 million million cubic feet, to the Center’s “flawed” policies.

conflicts over water occur, and even the national capital is at a shortage due to the fact that only 20–22 tmc of the available water is used.

Despite the Center “not respecting” the states’ initiatives, he asserted that since Modi took office eight years ago, there has been development “fundamentals of federalism. “Bihar is considered to be a BIMARU state. It’s a bad term, in my opinion. The people who caused the mess ought to be labelled as ill. Rightfully requesting a special category status was Nitish Kumar, “He declared.


He responded to the BJP’s claim that them were corrupt by saying, “They are the richest political party in the world. And even in Sri Lanka, businessmen who happen to be their friends have been exposed for misdeeds “. When asked if Nitish Kumar, who has long been seen as a potential rival to the charismatic Modi, might be the candidate for prime minister of a unified opposition, KCR responded that Nitish ji is one of the best and most senior leaders in the nation. I have no authority to make decisions. When all opposition parties are seated together, a decision will be made.”

He responded to a direct question on Rahul Gandhi’s acceptability and the Congress’ role in a unified opposition by saying that you don’t understand.

may be intelligent, but I am. Nothing is hurried. In due course, everything will be decided. By all means necessary, we must try to remove the BJP from power, he argued. Before going to see Lalu Prasad, who lives a short distance away, the Telangana chief minister spent the majority of his time at the home of his Bihar counterpart. His tour came to an end with a stop at the Takht Harmandir Patna Sahib Gurudwara, which is located in a different part of the city and was constructed on the spot where Guru Gobind Singh was born.

Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, the RJD’s potential successor who had seen KCR earlier this year while in Hyderabad, accompanied the latter all day.

KCR’s ‘Please Sit’ Plea vs Nitish’s ‘Sawal Kaahe?’: Over Next PM Plan; Bihar Bonhomie Became Dissent

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