Health expert shares guidelines

Health expert shares guidelines amid Supertech twin tower demolition

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Health expert shares guidelines amid Supertech twin tower demolition– Health experts have advised residents in the region to stay indoors, cover their doors and windows, switch on air purifiers, and wear N-95 masks when they venture outside during the destruction of the Supertech Twin Towers.

Following the destruction of the Supertech twin towers, a health specialist said that 50 beds and seven to eight ambulances have been set aside in case of emergency. People in the neighbourhood have also been advised to stay inside, close their doors and windows, put on air purifiers, and wear N-95 masks when they leave their homes.

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In order to track pollution levels once the Noida twin towers are demolished in Sector 93A, the Uttar Pradesh government’s Environment Department has deployed six special dust machines at the demolition site. A machine from one of these labs, Eco Pro Engineers, has been erected on a terrace in front of Supertech Society. According to reports, some of these devices are also from private labs.

Umesh, a technician, stated that the results of the machine’s testing will be available in the following 24 hours “The amount of pollutants before, during, and after the explosion will be measured. This device will measure the PM 10 and PM 2.5 concentrations. In the upcoming 24 hours, it will release a report.”

A green corridor has been set up to handle any emergencies in the meanwhile due to the dust that will likely be released during the deconstruction of the tower that is higher than Qutub Minar. “A green lane has been set up to deal with any emergencies. Plans for rerouting traffic are being implemented there, according to Ganesh Prasad Saha, DCP, Traffic. Two housing societies close to the Supertech twin towers in Noida had their residents evacuated.

Health expert shares guidelines


Residents won’t see much of a health impact from the resulting dust, though, since demolition professionals will take measures to minimise it. When a large edifice like that is demolished, there would be dust and noise, according to Dr. Mrinal Sircar, Head of Pulmonology and Critical Care at Fortis Noida.

Due to the usage of explosives, there might be some smoke. Therefore, the air’s direction is important. Additionally, the wind’s direction needs to be taken into account. It is more safer to demolish like way or to have an explosion happen outside than, instance, in an underground mine.”

The dust and fumes “will get diluted in the air and will get diffused,” Dr. Sircar continued. All of these things would be taken care of by the experts involved in such large demolitions “as reported by the news agency ANI.

Health expert shares guidelines amid Supertech twin tower demolition

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